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Deserve They Deserve What They Get

Two hard scenes with cute girls who are genuinely into spanking. Great chemisty and good old fashioned hard spanking and paddling.

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Hard Spanking Implements Hard Implements Produce Tender Bottoms

Punishment spankings require more than the hand. Two very naughty girls receive well deserved discipline. A vast array of paddles and hair brushes drive home a lesson they'll never forget.

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New Video 6/6/13
Spankings Hurt Spankings Are Supposed To Hurt

When we say spankings are supposed to hurt, we mean what we say. These girls are hard players and know how create spanking scenes that don't disappoint. As a result, we captured two of the most exciting, most disciplinary F/f spanking ever recorded.

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New Video 3/20/13
Spanked Until They Can't Sit Down Spanked Until They Can't Sit Down

Three beautiful, spankable young ladies find out what it means to be spanked "until you can't sit down".

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New Video
Spanking Triple Play 16 Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #16

Spanking Triple Play: Volume #16 is extra special because it captures the diversity of adult spanking. Each scene offers something very different because of the coupling and interactions between spanker and spankee. Something for every spanking mood and taste.

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New Video
Girls Who Get Off On Spanking Girls Who Get Off On Spanking

This movie is proof positive that spanking is an amazing turn on. Watch what happens when spanking turns into intimate play. RATED X

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New Video
Nude Spanking Spanked In Their Birthday Suits: Volume #2
Nude Spanking

6 Complete Spanking Scenes
6 Well Toned Girls Sporting Round Bottoms
6 Thorough Spankings To Watch

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New Video
Real Couples 5 Real Couples, Real Spankings: Volume #5

Have you ever wished you could get your spouse to participate in spanking play with you? Have you tried to communicate your needs only to be shot down or dismissed? You're not alone. But there is hope. Pacific Force is proud to present a movie that will enlighten and educate you about how to bring spanking into an existing, long-term committed relationship.

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New Video
Garter Belt & Stockings Spanked In Garterbelt & Stockings

Garterbelt and stockings often go hand and hand with spanking imagery. We found 5 stunning, leggy females who not only look great in stockings and garter belts but also can take real good spankings. All the footage is brand new and shot specifically fot this project. None of the scenes are re-cycled from older movies.

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New Video
Spanked Black Bottoms 3 Spanked Black Bottoms: Volume #3

African-American women are blessed with having fine, round well-endowed bottoms. Just the kind we like to see spanked. Wait until you see the two women we found. Two very hot scenes.

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New Video
Spanked On Thier Panties Spanked On Their Panties: Volume #2

We chose six adorable females who possess mouthwatering, spankable bottoms that look great in panties. Some of the girls are brand new and were spanked for the very first time in their life. The panties are all perfect for spanking. Some are traditional full back cotton panties while others are lace or see through mesh material.

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New Video
Red Rump Red Heads Red Rump Red Heads

Red headed females have a reputation for being spirited, feisty and strong-willed. No wonder it takes a good sound spanking to calm them down! Girls who have red hair also have fair skin. So when they get spanked, their bottoms have a tendency to color as vibrantly as the hair on their head. Three great scenes!

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Giant Video Collection
Our Complete Spanking Movie Collection

Pacific Force, Inc. has over 100 full length spanking movies!

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