Pacific Force - Adult Spanking Video and Traditional Discipline Role Play
Pacific Force Spanking

Pacific Force spanking video and role play are for adults who enjoy the fantasy of traditional spanking scenarios. We promote spanking as an erotic form of sexual expression from a fantasy point of view. All players in our spanking video productions are adults who enjoy the sensation of giving and receiving spanking. Limits are always respected and no one is ever forced to go beyond their threshold of enjoyment.

We produce all of our material ourselves and pay strict attention to proper verbiage, correct attitude, traditional discipline style and the nurturing aspect of adult spanking and traditional discipline role play.

We advocate safe, sane, consensual spanking play between consenting adults. The spanking fetish is something that is okay to embrace and add to your existing repertoire of adult erotic activities. We welcome you to browse our collection of adult spanking moviesand video to explore the excitement of over the knee (OTK) spankings along with paddling, strapping and other traditional spanking implements such as the hairbrush and cane.

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